Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So close

and yet so far away.

A few weeks ago my wonderful husband dressed my darling daughter all on his own. I hadn't put out any clothes for the day so he set out to match an outfit all by himself. He didn't quite get an outfit that matched. It was at least all pink though.

After this weekend of searching for the onesie that matched the pants I had picked out, I reorganized Elizabeth's drawers. I figured I could seperate her onesies into drawers - one drawer for onesies that had matching pants, another drawer for onesies that didn't have matching pants. I added a drawer for shirts (those obviously needed pants) and, finally, a drawer for pants. I even put together a couple outfits altogether in the closet so if he was in doubt, he could use one of those. He's had trouble matching the Garanimals line of clothing so I was trying to make things as easy as possible for him.

I came home today to a daughter wearing a shirt and matching pants. Success! He told me he even remembered to look at the label to see who made the shirt and pants to make sure they were the same. He remembered! Yay! Fast forward to about three hours later...

So, I'm sitting on the couch, holding Elizabeth, and just chatting with her. Since I had gotten home around 4, I'd been doing laundry, getting dinner together, and straigtening up Elizabeth's laundry and room. This was the first time we'd sat and talked. I noticed something odd...the embroidery on her pants was only in the back. I think my husband noticed me noticing this. I stood her up in my lap and turned her around. Cute little pockets in the back and, sure enough, only the back of the leg had the flowers embroidered on it. At this point, a thought had entered my mind. I'm about to check for the tag in the pants when my husband says, "Those are the weirdest pants. The tag is in the front."

Ummm...huh? My husband has been putting her pants on backwards all day long! I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing. "But, the pockets...they look like they go in the back," was his only response. I could only laugh and tell him the tag always goes in the back. I could understand if he didn't see the tag or there wasn't a tag but he had stopped and thought about it and, going against everything he has learned about clothing tags his entire life, he decided this pair of pants must be wrong because those pockets couldn't possibly go in the front.

I love my husband. He keeps trying. He's a great dad because he does stuff like this and laughs about it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Log Roll

Elizabeth started rolling over from back to tummy a couple weeks ago. She had not figured out tummy to back though. This is one baby who HATES to be on her tummy. So, she'd roll over, look around, realized she was on her tummy, and scream to high heaven! You'd roll her back to her back and she'd start the process over again. About a week ago, she started going tummy to back but only rarely. The only reason we know is because we would see her roll onto her tummy and then we'd let her cry a little bit. She's got to have tummy time. Well, she would stop crying and we'd look up and she was back on her back so she must have been rolling the other way...either that or the little mouse who lives with us in the apartment is flipping her over.

Thursday, things changed. She started to figure out that she could roll over and over again. Matt spread a sheet out on the floor and she rolled across the sheet!! Too cute! It took her a while but she did it. Soon, she'll roll all over with a purpose. Pookie is getting mobile!!!!!

Snuggle Bunny

Someone just had her bottle and is now being a snuggle bunny with me. I love having Elizabeth curled up and asleep in my arms. I wish I could save the moments like this forever. It's already different then from when she was a month old. She doesn't snuggle the same way and I miss it!

I haven't posted in a while. I may make a bunch of posts about all the cute stuff she's doing now. Of course, I get busy and forget too. You never know...stay tuned!