Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Project Life - Week 4

This is the beginning of an awful two weeks.  There were a lot of ups and downs this week and the next one.  And another week I forgot to photograph the two page spread. 

Poor Little Miss got sick with a fever.  It kept going up.  On Sunday, she and Fabulous Husband showed off their bathrobes for my camera.  A package arrived in the mail for me Tuesday.  I bought the Sew Easy used.  I like the look I get from it but it does take a while to actually get the sewing done.

Fabulous Husband was starting to not feel well too.  Little Miss, who had started feeling better, was helping out.  I bought her this little pink hamster toy she had wanted.  She loves that little thing!  On Thursday, a postcard arrived from Mexico that my dad and stepmom had sent to us...at Christmas.  It's a month later!  Talk about some slow mail service there!  Sigh...my desk.  I don't think it got cleaned up for months.  I also included a picture of a picture Little Miss drew for me. 

It's hard to see but above the last journaling card and below the postcard is a little strip of black with white dots.  I put a journaling card behind the one you can see and wrote about driving Fabulous Husband and Little Miss up to his parents' house.  Both of them weren't feeling great.  He was feeling worse and worse.  I was still hurt and in a lot of pain.  We decided it would be best to let his parents take care of the both of them.  I cried the whole way home. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Project Life - Week 3

For some reason, I didn't photograph the the two page spread.  Let's just jump right in to the left page.

Little Miss just adores to fold shirts with the shirt foldy thingy Fabulous Husband bought.  Little Miss likes to draw and has lately been getting into drawing faces.  I figured handing her one of my PL cards to draw me a picture would turn out cute.  I was right.  Tuesday's picture would be a rare photo of my desk at school actually cleaned off!!  It's a running joke that we're never sure what color my desk is since it's usually covered with papers and books.

I got this shot of the sunrise from my classroom window.  So pretty!!  Thursday, I got the awful immobilizer brace off.  I switched to a brace that let me bend me knee.  Friday was hair cut day!  We take her to Silly Scissors in Mooresville.  She loves that place.  And look at that...more folding!  Even now, she still likes to help with folding. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Project Life - Week 2

I've been an editing fool and have a whole bunch to share for Project Life.  Here's Week 2.

There wasn't a lot to share of my family this week.  We were on a downward spiral at this point.  I think that's one reason why I didn't share these earlier.  I was still in a lot of pain from my dislocated knee and Fabulous Husband was starting to get sick.

I was excited to be second on the Top Poster list for Two Peas in a Bucket.  Pretty cool!  I also managed to get off of my crutches.  Very happy about that too.

Not much happened on Wednesday so I took a picture of my favorite drink - Cherry Coke.  I just love the stuff.  One of my students even drew me a picture of Perry the Platypus (from Disney's Phineas and Ferb) bringing me a Cherry Coke.

On Friday, Elizabeth went to Gymboree.  She's in the level 7 school skills drop off class.  They learned about the letter D and made dinosaur teeth out of clay and put them on string for necklaces.  So cute!

I have a couple photos like the one for Saturday.  This is my scrap desk.  I've since rearranged my room and it looks very different.  But, my desk still looks like this way too often.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Life - Week 1

Well, we're halfway through the year so why not start sharing my Project Life album!  lol  I'm sorry it's taken this long to get myself to the point of sharing.  I don't know what's up with me.  It's a lot of photos to edit.  Sometimes, that's what holds me up and just makes me procrastinate.  Anyway...to Project Life!

I know I shared a pictures of my cover way back when.  Since I'm starting with sharing everything, I thought I'd share again.

On Christmas Eve, about a week prior to starting Project Life, Little Miss, excited about seeing Santa, jumped off her bed and onto me while I was sitting on the floor.  She'd done it before so you'd think it wasn't a big deal.  Kids do stuff like that all time.  However, she landed on my knee.  My knee cap dislocated and slid to the side of my knee.  Through the coming weeks of Project Life, you'll see references to not feeling well, crutches, and the like.

When this week was over, you have no idea how excited I was to see it complete.  After stalking blogs and read through all of Ali Edwards Project Life posts for 2011, it was amazing to see my own life documented.

A close up of the left side.  For 2012, I'm trying to include a picture of our house on the first day of every month.  I forgot to take a photo in June because of all the end of school craziness.  Oh well.  The "Week 01" you see on my title card is from Kerri Bradford.  I love them!  I have them glued down for the entire year.  I also took a picture of my odometer.  Actually, I sent Fabulous Husband out to take a photo since I was in an immobilizer brace and couldn't.  At the bottom right, you see a picture Little Miss drew on my board at school.

Next, are the middle inserts.  A child at school drew this for me after listening to the entire story I told my class.  She got all the details down, even an iPad with my dad and stepmom on it!

The right page for week 1.  You'll see Christmas decorations show up until February.  My husband and daughter were getting very sick around this time as well.  No one felt like taking any Christmas stuff down.  Our Advent calendar (the one from Silhouette America) is still sitting on the piano right now.  I whited out my student's name.  Anytime you see white areas like that, it's probably school related. 

Thanks for checking out Week 1.  I'm planning on sharing my weeks pretty regularly right now until I get caught up.  Or until school starts back again.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Can I Help?

I just love looking through the stacks of photos I have of Little Miss.  I need to get better about scrapping them sooner because I'm starting to forget when they were taken.  I need to get my rear in gear about organizing all my digital photos.  I bought a class at Jessica Sprague but I haven't gotten around to actually watching it yet.  I need to do that asap!  This layout today is a perfect example of why I need to organize.  I know my daughter is a year old in the photo judging by her hair but beyond that, I couldn't tell you what month.  And when they're that young, those months count!  I like to add her age in the corner of my layouts.  I think when her children are looking at pictures, that's something they'll like to know.

I used October Afternoon's Cakewalk collection to scrap this.  It's supposed to be a birthday themed collection but I stuck with rather generic papers.  It's also the first time I used my new star punches.  I love them!  I just picked up another that's a little larger so I can do some more layering.  I giggled all through scrapping these pictures because I just love how excited she looks to vacuum!  I can hope that continues into the future.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Do You See?

It's CHA week and Two Peas is rocking with excitement!  I love seeing all the new products that are coming out.  More and more I'm glad I saved two gift certificates to spend on all the goodies I see coming out.  One of the things Two Peas is doing are a series of challenges to celebrate.  I've participated in two of them so far.  The first one is a color combo challenge.  I did a page of Little Miss last year at the age of two at my Dad's house. She found his binoculars on the kitchen table and had so much fun looking through them into the backyard.  This page features a lot of journaling, which is rare for me.  I wrote about what I see when I look at her.

The second challenge was to create a fall layout.  I had recently purchased a few sheets of Finally Fall by Bella Blvd.  This gave me a chance to use these.  I also incorporated some paper that I got from the Bella Blvd Warehouse sale.  The yellow going across the center is from a collection called Sweet Celebration if I recall correctly.  I dove into using lots of stickers for layering and some of the Ciao Chipboard.  I still have two more sets of photos from this trip to Patterson Farm to scrap.  This page was about the fun things we did around the farm.  I've also go ones of us looking at the animals and another set at the piglet race.  Maybe I'll get those done this week too.

I hope you like these pages.  I'd love to hear your comments.  Come join the fun over at Two Peas in a Bucket as well.  There's lots going on there!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Scrapping With a Friend

I'm not much of a crop person so most of the time I scrap alone. Today, I've got a friend coming over. I put in a second desk a year or two ago. It's small but not bad for someone traveling with supplies. I'm hoping to either get a few pages done from my Perfect Collection set of starting points or use up some of the Simple Stories paper I've picked up recently. I'm a recent convert to that company so I've purchased some of last year's summer line. I hope another update today will show the fruits of my labors!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer CHA 2012 Sneak Peeks

Is anyone else out there as excited as I am about the Summer CHA sneak peeks?  I've been stalking some blogs out there (I'm looking at you Bella Blvd) to see what awesomeness they're coming up with.  Some I've been disappointed with but others, I'm falling in love head over heels!!  I've been saving some gift certificates to Two Peas just for this!  I'm going to share some of my must-haves and lines that I'm drooling over.

First up is Bella Blvd!  I didn't really discover this company until last winter's CHA event.  Since then, I've been on the look out for all sorts of yumminess.  They've introducted three new lines - Thankful, Birthday Boy, and Birthday Girl.  I absolutely adore Birthday Girl!  The classic bright Bella colors just speak to me in this happy collection.  I haven't scrapped a single birthday of Little Miss's yet.  She'll be four in just a few weeks!  I think this collection will match her first and third birthdays beautifully.  And I'm in love with the new pink chevron tape!  That's a must have.  I've stopped purchasing entire collections for everything now.  This may be one of just a few exceptions this CHA.

As a fall collection, I think I'll be buying Simple Stories Harvest Lane.  I really like the colors and the cards can be cut and used in my Project Life album.  Will I purchase the entire collection kit?  I don't know.  I'm tempted to.  I will be purchasing the Simple Basics kit for Harvest Lane.  The B side of all those papers will be perfect for just about anything.

The final collection that I'm drooling over is from Pebbles, Inc called Walnut Grove.  I'm not quite sure what it is about this collection but I adore it!  That first page reminds me so much of the Urban Prairie collection from Basic Grey from years ago. I don't think I'll be getting the entire collection but there are certainly come pieces I'll be picking up.  The chevrons (of course) as well as that butterfly sheet and the yellow center at the bottom.  They're just so perfect!

I'm still waiting for reveals from Echo Park.  I know I'm in a large group there!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

In the Beginning

Well, I emailed myself a photo.  I've noticed doing that sometimes causes it to sync up.  No luck yet.  However, here's my beginning!

I decided to cut up the Out of Print collection pack by Basic Grey.  I've had this since it came out.  It's a great example of seeing something and loving it online but hating it in person.  I've pulled it out I don't know how many times to use and put it back.  But, I'm determined this time!  I've managed to get 16 starting points done so far.  I've even completed two of the three double page layouts I made!  All in all, a very productive day.


I was seriously intending to share the photos of my process and completed page from Shimelle's TS3 class but my photo stream isn't updating!  If it doesn't update tonight, I guess I'll be emailing myself all the iphone photos.  Bleh.  I hate doing that. 

What a Day!

I was going to start posting my Project Life photos yesterday.  At least, that was my plan driving home from Virginia on Thursday.  However, life intervened.  Little Miss woke up at 1:45 in the morning throwing up.  Poor thing felt awful.  Fabulous Husband and I figured she just picked up something from our trip.  Got everything cleaned and then she got sick again...and again...and again...She ended up throwing up fifteen times in just a few hours.  When blood appeared, I called the on call doc at 4am.  Off to the ER we went!  After getting an IV with Reglan and a bag of fluids, she perked up.  She even ate a couple popsicles while we were there.  That's a big deal itself, since she's turned down popsicles at home every time.  So, after no sleep and a surprise hospital trip, I slept all afternoon once her grandparents arrived to help.  God bless them!! 

Later today, I'm planning on posting my progress from Shimelle Laine's True Scrap 3 class.  I've watched it a few times and have finally cut up my paper.  Stay tuned!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Back at It

...whatever "it" is. Why is it whenever I have stuff to blog about, I forget to? I really need to get a regular blog schedule down this summer so I'm ready and used to it when school starts. Anyway...on with the show!

I'm working hard on getting caught up with Project Life. I'm great about taking tons of photos. Not so great at getting them into my album. I checked a few days ago and I was backed up to Week 18 - that's April 20! Needless to say, I'm embarrassed. When I started this project, I was afraid that I'd be the one who bought everything and then ended up with it on the shelf. I'm guilty of that with so many things. Project Life has surprised me though because I have been keeping up, at least with photos. I've been working hard and have through Week 22 (June 3-9) completed. Week 23 just needs one photo printed and journaling done. And everything up until today has been planned. I'm even planning on sharing! I have up to Week 22 even photographed now. I think I'll start with a week a day, if that makes sense. (It does in my head.) So, get ready. I'm going to try to blog regularly for the next few weeks!

I think I'm also going to bring my PL album with me tomorrow to Richmond, VA. It's our annual Fourth of July trip to see my family. Though our usually festivities have been cancelled bc of the awful weather they've had, I'm still going with my family. I haven't been up there since last July. That was the last time I've seen two of my three sisters! I think this week's PL (Week 27 for those playing at home) will be a jam packed with lots of fun. Maybe I'll finally break out all those fun new page protectors I bought. :)