Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Project Life - Week 4

This is the beginning of an awful two weeks.  There were a lot of ups and downs this week and the next one.  And another week I forgot to photograph the two page spread. 

Poor Little Miss got sick with a fever.  It kept going up.  On Sunday, she and Fabulous Husband showed off their bathrobes for my camera.  A package arrived in the mail for me Tuesday.  I bought the Sew Easy used.  I like the look I get from it but it does take a while to actually get the sewing done.

Fabulous Husband was starting to not feel well too.  Little Miss, who had started feeling better, was helping out.  I bought her this little pink hamster toy she had wanted.  She loves that little thing!  On Thursday, a postcard arrived from Mexico that my dad and stepmom had sent to us...at Christmas.  It's a month later!  Talk about some slow mail service there!  Sigh...my desk.  I don't think it got cleaned up for months.  I also included a picture of a picture Little Miss drew for me. 

It's hard to see but above the last journaling card and below the postcard is a little strip of black with white dots.  I put a journaling card behind the one you can see and wrote about driving Fabulous Husband and Little Miss up to his parents' house.  Both of them weren't feeling great.  He was feeling worse and worse.  I was still hurt and in a lot of pain.  We decided it would be best to let his parents take care of the both of them.  I cried the whole way home. 


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