Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Life - Week 1

Well, we're halfway through the year so why not start sharing my Project Life album!  lol  I'm sorry it's taken this long to get myself to the point of sharing.  I don't know what's up with me.  It's a lot of photos to edit.  Sometimes, that's what holds me up and just makes me procrastinate. Project Life!

I know I shared a pictures of my cover way back when.  Since I'm starting with sharing everything, I thought I'd share again.

On Christmas Eve, about a week prior to starting Project Life, Little Miss, excited about seeing Santa, jumped off her bed and onto me while I was sitting on the floor.  She'd done it before so you'd think it wasn't a big deal.  Kids do stuff like that all time.  However, she landed on my knee.  My knee cap dislocated and slid to the side of my knee.  Through the coming weeks of Project Life, you'll see references to not feeling well, crutches, and the like.

When this week was over, you have no idea how excited I was to see it complete.  After stalking blogs and read through all of Ali Edwards Project Life posts for 2011, it was amazing to see my own life documented.

A close up of the left side.  For 2012, I'm trying to include a picture of our house on the first day of every month.  I forgot to take a photo in June because of all the end of school craziness.  Oh well.  The "Week 01" you see on my title card is from Kerri Bradford.  I love them!  I have them glued down for the entire year.  I also took a picture of my odometer.  Actually, I sent Fabulous Husband out to take a photo since I was in an immobilizer brace and couldn't.  At the bottom right, you see a picture Little Miss drew on my board at school.

Next, are the middle inserts.  A child at school drew this for me after listening to the entire story I told my class.  She got all the details down, even an iPad with my dad and stepmom on it!

The right page for week 1.  You'll see Christmas decorations show up until February.  My husband and daughter were getting very sick around this time as well.  No one felt like taking any Christmas stuff down.  Our Advent calendar (the one from Silhouette America) is still sitting on the piano right now.  I whited out my student's name.  Anytime you see white areas like that, it's probably school related. 

Thanks for checking out Week 1.  I'm planning on sharing my weeks pretty regularly right now until I get caught up.  Or until school starts back again.

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