Monday, July 2, 2012

Back at It

...whatever "it" is. Why is it whenever I have stuff to blog about, I forget to? I really need to get a regular blog schedule down this summer so I'm ready and used to it when school starts. Anyway...on with the show!

I'm working hard on getting caught up with Project Life. I'm great about taking tons of photos. Not so great at getting them into my album. I checked a few days ago and I was backed up to Week 18 - that's April 20! Needless to say, I'm embarrassed. When I started this project, I was afraid that I'd be the one who bought everything and then ended up with it on the shelf. I'm guilty of that with so many things. Project Life has surprised me though because I have been keeping up, at least with photos. I've been working hard and have through Week 22 (June 3-9) completed. Week 23 just needs one photo printed and journaling done. And everything up until today has been planned. I'm even planning on sharing! I have up to Week 22 even photographed now. I think I'll start with a week a day, if that makes sense. (It does in my head.) So, get ready. I'm going to try to blog regularly for the next few weeks!

I think I'm also going to bring my PL album with me tomorrow to Richmond, VA. It's our annual Fourth of July trip to see my family. Though our usually festivities have been cancelled bc of the awful weather they've had, I'm still going with my family. I haven't been up there since last July. That was the last time I've seen two of my three sisters! I think this week's PL (Week 27 for those playing at home) will be a jam packed with lots of fun. Maybe I'll finally break out all those fun new page protectors I bought. :)

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