Saturday, May 22, 2010


I'm finally getting my words on paper!  I'm writing a children's book about Normie, the Lake Norman monster.  I'm having a little writers block though.  I have my basic outline and I written about a third of the book.  I know what happens next but just can't seem to find the write words. 

Writing a book has always been a dream of mine.  It's an odd dream to have for someone who hates to write!  I love to be creative though and tell stories.  So, I'm trying something new to help my husband.  I'll post again when I'm done.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Basic Grey!

Wow!  I'm so excited.  Earlier this week, new Bo Bunny.  This morning, I wake up to an email stating that Basic Grey has announced two more new lines!  I'm drooling over these.  They're called Oliver and Olivia and they gorgeous! 

Oliver has a mix of denim blue, red, and lighter green.  Love it.  I don't have a son, but I still want this line.  There are some of the papers but I'm not too huge a fan of, but they're double sided!  So, if I don't like the first side, I do like the reverse.  The look great!

My favorite of the two is Olivia.  I love the brighter colors and they will be great for spring and summer layouts.  Olivia features pinks, greens, and whites.  I love the stripes, plaids, and tiny prints as well as all the flowers.  I can't wait to get my hands on this one and the matching embellishments.  I'm not usually big on getting a ton of BG embellishments (too expensive), but I'll be biting the bullet because they are just such a perfect compliment.  I need this paper!

Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear Edwina, Zva, and Bo Bunny

First, the good news.  Dear Edwina, Jr is over!  The shows went so well.  I'm so impressed with how the middle schoolers pulled themselves together and put on a great show.  I am happy that I was such a big part in it.  It's very stressful to stage manage for such young kids.   You end up doing so much more then you'd expect.  But it's all worth it to see them singing on stage and hearing the talent that my school has.  I'm so proud of them and will miss our eighth graders as they move on to high school next year.

I tried out for the Zva Creative design team in April.  Unfortunately, I didn't make it on the team.  Oh well.  I'm still new to trying out and haven't been published anywhere yet.  I may try some magazine submissions and see how that goes.  Creating Keepsakes has some submissions listed on their website so I may try that in the next couple months.

And now for Bo Bunny news!  Wow!!!  I just saw the four new lines they have, and I'm blown away.  They are amazing!  I love all four of them.  Their previous release had some great lines but they didn't all wow me.  These though, I need all four lines of papers.  And the embellishments.  I think I finally found the perfect paper to scrapbook Elizabeth's first "Fortune July".  I can't wait until they come to!