Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reorganizing Part 2 much still to do! But, I'm slowly making headway. I was worried that the "desk" I'm putting together (that fabulous husband is currently attaching the top to) wouldn't bit. But, it does with about four inches to spare! I thought I'd include a few pictures of the halfway point.

This is the view from the door:

This is the view from the messy corner looking to where my desk is now:

This is the view from my window:

I think when I'm done moving everything (and after an insanely long nap) I'm going to try to purge some things. I have never done that, and I know there's just a ton of stuff that I could get rid of.

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Becky said...

That looks great! I just finished my room-a two month adventure! Good luck with the rest of it! :)