Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Little Angel

One more post for today.  It's been the busiest day I've ever had for blogging!  Shimelle also had a challenge to mix two totally different patterns of scrapbook paper.  Patterns that were obviously quite different.  One she suggested I actually had - hearts and stripes.  They're actually the same piece of double sided paper!

I messed up the way I was going to tape the two pieces together.  The heart border sticker curled and ripped so I couldn't use it all the way across like I had planned.  So, I decided to have a little more washi fun!  I am falling in love with this tape more and more every day.

I also brought out a drawer I started right after I gave birth.  It has lots of baby themed scrapbook stuff.  I was able to use a few stickers, some fabric tape, and a rub on I'd had for years!  The line of paper I've used is Little Dancer by Fancy Pants.  It's also some stuff I'd had for a while.  It feels good to use it!


Cynthia said...

I love washi tape too!! ;-) Love your layout--the colors are so sweet, just like the photo!

Debbie P said...

Your layout is lovely! Love the pretty patterned papers and the washi tape is a nice touch.

nerllybird said...

That's a sweet page - well done for sorting out your catastrophe, lol!