Saturday, April 21, 2012

This Will Make an Interesting Project Life Entry

I'm trying to make my Project Life album about my everyday life.  Not all happiness and smiles, but the lows with the highs.

One thing I truly enjoy doing every year is helping our school's music teacher put on the spring show for middle school.  We do a musical twice and then a talent show.  Rinse and repeat.  This year is the talent show year.  The performances were yesterday.  One for the school at 9am and then an evening performance for everyone who'd like to attend at 7pm.

Usually when I'm backstage manager for a musical, backstage is packed of set and prop pieces, not to mention all the actors and my backstage crew.  It's a mad house at times.  With a talent show, we don't have much.  There were only five large props that were used on stage - a bench, two chairs, a stool, and a tree.  Simple, right?

Sigh....not so much.  Yesterday morning, on the next to last act, I tripped on the bench.  I went flying and hit my left knee first (didn't dislocate it again!), then landed on my hands and hyper-extended my right elbow resulting in a sprain that I have to wear a sling for, and hit my jaw on the stage floor with a bruise about the size of a half dollar.  

When my jaw hit, the whole world went white.  It was like sheet lightning.  I didn't see stars until after it had passed.  My head was killing me.  When the show was done, I was taken to the nurse's office and the principal drove me to my doctor.  My wonderful doctor told me about my sprained elbow and that I also have a concussion.  A day and a half later my head is still killing me, and I'm still very dizzy. It's hard to focus sometimes as well.  Needless to say, I missed the evening performance yesterday.  That's the first performance I've every missed for our current music teacher!  I'm so bummed.  :(

A concussion and sprained elbow will certainly make an interesting Project Life entry!

Scrapbooking a 12x12 page is out at the moment.  I did get some of my Project Life photos for the week into the album slots but that was hard enough with the room spinning.  No scrapbooking means I'm not sure what to do as a blog post!  I'm trying hard to do this at least once or twice a week.  It will probably be posting on the weekends mostly for me. After all day with third graders, I'm exhausted.

I was thinking about photographing (since that doesn't take long) my Project Life pages.  I am in love with Project Life, so sharing is something I really want to do.  What do you think?  Would you like to see some more Project Life pages?


Margie H said...

You poor thing! That would be an interesting week to record! I say wrap a section of the page with gauze and be done! Hope you recover SOON! Take good care :)

Tracy said...

So sorry, hope you get lots of rest and recover soon.
I enjoy Project Life and like to see what everyone is doing.
I am doing P365, as I have never used the kit, but still photograph daily and journal.
And I agree it is about our life and it is not always pretty ;)