Monday, January 6, 2014

Project Life 2014 - Week 1

I am happy to say that I finished Week 1 already. One goal I have with Project Life is year is to use a bit more embellishment. I bought a ton of things to use on both my regular pages and my PL pages. I sorta, kinda haven't really been doing that as much as I'd hoped. So, I bought an awesome box to toss in the little things I like to keep on my desk all together. It has on the lid "Stuff I Know I'll Never Organize." I might have laughed out loud in Michael's when I saw that. I also repurposed a small divided box for my wood veneers. Finally, I resorted my washi tape. I need a third bowl for my neutrals, metallics, and multi colors. They're in a bag and the other two bowls are sorted warm and cool colors.

On to the pages! I used the Honey kit primarily. I added some Bella Blvd stickers and washi tape as well as some Studio Calico wood veneers. The Week 1 cut out is from Kerri Bradford. I love her stuff for the Silhouette! The stamps are from Simple Stories and Citrus Twist. I can't wait to get my January kit from them! I may switch out the filler card if they put a January calendar in there. The filler card has a vellum saying I punched and trimmed. I do not know when I bought that. I think it must be 10+ years ago. It felt great to use it!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sister Date

Today I decided to try my hand at making a page from scratch. The pages from a couple days ago, if you remember, had the paper already picked out and laid down as starting points. I've always loved to follow sketches and the one Shimelle posted recently on her blog spoke to me. I ended up printing a photo of my sisters and I on a "sister date" over Christmas this past year.

I found it so hard to choose paper for this! I don't know if I did any traditional pages at all in 2013. I really do love Project Life. However, only scrapping that way has made me forget about pulling out paper and supplies to create a page from scratch. I almost gave up! Yes, there was that much anxiety. Crazy, I know. But, I'm glad I kept going. I pulled out some Amy Tan stuff from her Sketchbook line (paper, stickers, and stamps) and got to work!

One thing I loved about Shimelle's sketch was that there was only one photo. One thing I didn't like was that everything was so centered! I've noticed those centered layouts are harder for me. Again, I just told myself to breathe and I watched her video. The video made it so much easier! I'm quite glad she does them. 

Enough chatter...on to the page!

I added some turquoise washi tape to kind of match the blue paint stripe at the top right. I also added the date and location at the bottom right which was not in the sketch. I like putting dates there, or if my daughter is in the picture, how old she is. I love how the page turned out. The colors are fun and reflect the fun we had that night just chatting and eating and making memories which is what Christmas is all about. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

I Actually Scrapbooked!!

Yes, you read that right. I actually scrapbooked today. Husband and daughter had a movie afternoon (The Croods, Monster U, and Toy Story) so I got to relax upstairs and scrapbook!  

Did you see on that she is having a new class starting January 20? I am so excited. I took her Perfect Collection class from True Scrap 3 and adored it. I remember cutting up two different collection packs and actually using them! Well...most of them. I never used all the starting point pages! Ack! I made these back in July 2012. Well, today, I used up six of them and got some pictures scrapped. They're not the most decorative pages but I don't care. I love that I actually sat down and got stuff done. 

Here are the pages... (Well, five of them. No idea why the sixth isn't showing up in my photo stream.)

New Year, New Post

have the best of intentions with this blog, I really do. I just can't seem to get myself together. Here's to a year of blogging in 2014!

Let's see...some scrappy updates...

I know my last post was in 2012 showing week four of that album. I did finish it. Love it!! I love it so much that I did Project Life again in 2013 with the Cherry kit. Honestly, as much as I love the colors in that kit, I didn't like the kit itself very much. I got a subscription to Citrus Twist's Pocket Life kit. Between the two, I was quite happy with how 2013 turned out.

I like CT so much, that I'm continuing my subscription there. It's not a ton of stuff but it's enough that satisfies my shopping need because I have new stuff to play with. I also get their add on stamp. I love stamps in PL!

I will be doing 2014 in the PL kit Honey. OMG. I adore that kit!! The colors are amazing! The patterns are fabulous! I am in love with that kit. Since PL took up two albums the previous two years, I went ahead  and bought two of the Honey chevron albums. I already have them set up with the nice spine labels from Becky Higgins matching the albums. I went ahead and did that for the others too.

Here is my cover page for 2014. I kinda think I want to add our family in "potty people" under the hexagon names. I've seen that on a couple of other albums and I really like it.

Ok...just realizing that I didn't sign my name yet as the person who is recording the album. Oops!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Project Life - Week 4

This is the beginning of an awful two weeks.  There were a lot of ups and downs this week and the next one.  And another week I forgot to photograph the two page spread. 

Poor Little Miss got sick with a fever.  It kept going up.  On Sunday, she and Fabulous Husband showed off their bathrobes for my camera.  A package arrived in the mail for me Tuesday.  I bought the Sew Easy used.  I like the look I get from it but it does take a while to actually get the sewing done.

Fabulous Husband was starting to not feel well too.  Little Miss, who had started feeling better, was helping out.  I bought her this little pink hamster toy she had wanted.  She loves that little thing!  On Thursday, a postcard arrived from Mexico that my dad and stepmom had sent to Christmas.  It's a month later!  Talk about some slow mail service there! desk.  I don't think it got cleaned up for months.  I also included a picture of a picture Little Miss drew for me. 

It's hard to see but above the last journaling card and below the postcard is a little strip of black with white dots.  I put a journaling card behind the one you can see and wrote about driving Fabulous Husband and Little Miss up to his parents' house.  Both of them weren't feeling great.  He was feeling worse and worse.  I was still hurt and in a lot of pain.  We decided it would be best to let his parents take care of the both of them.  I cried the whole way home. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Project Life - Week 3

For some reason, I didn't photograph the the two page spread.  Let's just jump right in to the left page.

Little Miss just adores to fold shirts with the shirt foldy thingy Fabulous Husband bought.  Little Miss likes to draw and has lately been getting into drawing faces.  I figured handing her one of my PL cards to draw me a picture would turn out cute.  I was right.  Tuesday's picture would be a rare photo of my desk at school actually cleaned off!!  It's a running joke that we're never sure what color my desk is since it's usually covered with papers and books.

I got this shot of the sunrise from my classroom window.  So pretty!!  Thursday, I got the awful immobilizer brace off.  I switched to a brace that let me bend me knee.  Friday was hair cut day!  We take her to Silly Scissors in Mooresville.  She loves that place.  And look at that...more folding!  Even now, she still likes to help with folding. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Project Life - Week 2

I've been an editing fool and have a whole bunch to share for Project Life.  Here's Week 2.

There wasn't a lot to share of my family this week.  We were on a downward spiral at this point.  I think that's one reason why I didn't share these earlier.  I was still in a lot of pain from my dislocated knee and Fabulous Husband was starting to get sick.

I was excited to be second on the Top Poster list for Two Peas in a Bucket.  Pretty cool!  I also managed to get off of my crutches.  Very happy about that too.

Not much happened on Wednesday so I took a picture of my favorite drink - Cherry Coke.  I just love the stuff.  One of my students even drew me a picture of Perry the Platypus (from Disney's Phineas and Ferb) bringing me a Cherry Coke.

On Friday, Elizabeth went to Gymboree.  She's in the level 7 school skills drop off class.  They learned about the letter D and made dinosaur teeth out of clay and put them on string for necklaces.  So cute!

I have a couple photos like the one for Saturday.  This is my scrap desk.  I've since rearranged my room and it looks very different.  But, my desk still looks like this way too often.