Sunday, February 19, 2017

Visions of Grandeur

We've all had that idea in our head that seemed amazing. It had to be done. You pull the supplies and get started, so excited about how it is going to turn out. Then...reality smacks you upside the head and leaves you wondering if you've lost your mind. 

Yeah, that was this layout. 

My daughter decided she wanted to dress up as Captain America for Halloween this past year. Husband bought her costume and she was beyond excited about it. As soon as it arrived, she tried it on and started posing. Hello! Dream moment for scrappy mom!

I was looking through my stacks of pictures to scrap and came across her poses. I knew Halloween paper wouldn't quite work. Technically, it wasn't Halloween anyway when I took the pictures. Just a day in early October. I thought I had some Fourth of July papers that would work. Sure enough, Bo Bunny provided. I haven't really purchased much from them in recent years but I had some of their Block Party collection from 2010. Using up my stash is my mantra for this 2017 so I found some sheets that would work. 

Then, it hit me. The Vision. The Big Idea. The thought that Must Be Done. Use my stash! Pull tools that are under a layer of dust! You can do it!  Yeah...I had the idea to outline the "rays" from the bottom right corner using my Sew Easy. Remember that tool? I think I've used it once or twice. This layout reminds me. I don't like sewing! Sewing the rays took three days. Mostly because sitting at my desk for long periods sewing drove me crazy. Then, as I'm sewing, I start comparing the stars to the one on the Captain America shield. Do you see where this is going? Sigh... I almost drove myself crazy. However, the layout turned out beautifully! So beautiful that I am already thinking about doing it again. Because, I must be nuts. Right?

Done with the rays! This is when I deciced stars would really be good too. 

I had to show the back. Oy!

The finished layout. So beautiful!

Lots of close up detail shots. I'm proud of this page, dang it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Always Curious

This is my last layout of the strawberry picking photos. I think it's one of my favorite pictures of that day! Elizabeth always wants to explore and see everything around her. One reason I love this photo is how clearly it shows the height differences of my daughter and her friend. Her mom and I were college roommates and best friends. There's quite a bit of height difference between the two of us. We find it funny to see the same friendship blossoming between our daughters with that same height difference.

This was one of the first 6x6 challenges I set for myself. It started with the purple and white striped paper you see in the layer stack. It's a Dear Lizzie paper from 5th and Frolic. However, I couldn't find another sheet with purple to combine it with! Super frustrating. Going through my other stacks, I came across Studio Calico's Lemon Lush line. It has that same purple on some papers including an orange with white, purple, yellow, and blue flowers. That was the color inspiration for the entire page. I ended up using that as my photo mat. You can see a bit of the pattern in the tab by the title too. I used six sheets plus the cut apart for a total of seven papers used on this layout. The background 12x12 sheet is from Crate Paper's Storyteller line called Tomorrow.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Out In the Fresh Air

Here's the second page from the strawberry picking trip. This was my second page Studio Calico South of Market 6x6 paper pad. My 12x12 base is from Lily Bee Design Double Dutch Hopscotch. I used five new sheets of paper, two off cuts from yesterday's layout, and more of the cut apart sheet. That's eight different sheets! I included stickers from October Afternoon's label/word stickers from their Sidewalks and Fly a Kite collections. Oddly, I pulled the Farmhouse label stickers and then never used them. I couldn't seem to get them to work well.

With this page and yesterday's page, I cut one of the 6x6 pages in half and used it like a strip across my pages.  That gave me a good spot to start building my layers. Because I wanted to use as many sheets of 6x6 paper as possible, I decided to go for lots of layers and keep the other embellishments minimal. 

Thanks for visiting! Come back tomorrow for the final layout from this trip. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

What A "Pear"!

Hello Scrapping Mommies!

It's a chilly day in NC. We got snow Friday night and yesterday! It's quite lovely to look at though all the teachers are discussing the possibility of school tomorrow. Black ice seems to be a distinct possibility. It's a waiting game right now. 

Since it's no good to go outside, I've spent today scrapping inside. On Friday night when the snow started, I got a wild hare to see about making some pages using as much as I could of a 6x6 pad of paper. I seem to have accumulated a lot of these pads! I believe I was a member of a kit club that included them each month. I don't tend to buy them myself. Of the over two dozen I have, I think I've purchased maybe five of them on purpose. It's time to get some good use out of them!  

The first layout I have for you today uses a base of My Mind's Eye Indie Chic Relax as my 12x12 base. All of the other papers you see come from Studio Calico South of Market collection. This farm fresh collection had bright reds and greens mixed with yellow, navy blue, and light blue. There were cows, fruit, and flower motifs as well as polka dots, print/text, and stitching throughout the designs. 

My layout is from a strawberry picking trip many years ago. I had the photos developed in "true digital" size so they're not quite 4x6. It made matting them with the 6x6 paper easy. I've come to really enjoy cutting up the cut apart sheets that have been shrunk down. They provide perfect sized accents! I added some miscellaneous wood veneers that I've collected and even added some bakers twine. I have a ton of that stuff! I just had to have every color. Now, it's time to get it used! 

I believe I used five sheets of 6x6 paper plus bits from the cut apart sheet for a total of six sheets! Stay tuned. I have two more pages from this trip including one that used more papers from this pad. 

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! Planning and Scrapping to Start off 2017

Happy New Year, Scrapping Mommies!

Best laid plans and all that...The day after I returned home, I ended up with the flu. much for my scrapping challenge.  Needless to say, my plans have been pushed back.  I did finally get my planner done for this week.  My printer has been giving me fits.  We switched to a new internet plan and had to change routers.  Ever since, my printer doesn't always communicate well with my laptop, phone, or iPad.  It's gotten to wear I will have to turn my phone off just to get it to see my printer!

Even with the flu though, I managed to get my planner stickers printed (finally) and cut.  They're even in my planner now!  I used these stickers from Ashley Lynn Impression on Etsy. I love her store and her new ECLP layout is amazing!

I joined Cathy Zielske's Fit class for 2017.  I'll be taking some pictures of that album soon.  Well, maybe just the pages.  I don't exactly have an album for it yet.  One of my 2017 goals is to walk an intentional mile each day.  I did that after the rain stopped yesterday.  Not my best idea with the flu, but I'm blaming the steroids. It's still damp and rainy today.  I may do my one mile walk at Target instead.

Other scrappy plans include finishing up JYC 2016 and PL 2016.  I need to print the remaining JYC pictures.  I think I've decided to forgo the remaining prompts for the most part and just get the last bits that I loved about this Christmas in my book.  I have printed all my PL 2016 pictures and even have them in their pockets.  I just need to add cards and journal.

I did get one layout done yesterday.  I had a photo that I printed for PL that I forgot was the wrong orientation.  The story behind it though was something I wanted to record so I used it for a traditional layout.  My daughter (as well as her parents) love the British sci-fi show Doctor Who.  They do a Christmas special. A few years ago, Santa himself was on the Christmas special.  My daughter started setting out a Jammy Dodger for the Doctor with Santa's cookie since they were such good friends.  She's been doing this each year now.  The first year she did it, Santa left behind a special gift from the Doctor - a fez, bow tie, and sonic screwdriver. I wanted to document her putting out the special treat this year.

Supplies used include Bo Bunny paper from their 2009 line Tis the Season, Stickles, and some random wood veneers, washi, 6x6 pads I had laying around.  I need to remember to use more Stickles.  They add a bit of sparkle and I have a huge color variety - more so than my rhinestones!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I Need a Challenge

Hello Lovelies!

I drove from my home near Charlotte, NC to visit my family in Richmond, VA yesterday. For a big part of the trip, I listened to old Paperclipping Roundtable podcasts. Driving five hours with an eight year old engrossed in movies in the backseat gives you a lot of time to think. Naturally, I was thinking about scrapping.

One of the episodes I listened to was on embellishments. Who here has a ton of embellishments that you bought with every good intention of using, but didn't. Now when you look at them, you feel like you should use them but they're not quite "in style" anymore. Yeah. That's me too. I know for many this is the perfect excuse and the very reason they purge. Emotionally, I'm not quite there yet.

As 2017 approaches, I thought it might be fun to challenge myself to use some of those old supplies. The ones I "had to have" and then never used. I already have my first challenge in mind. Remember when raw chipboard was the thing to use? People would paint, ink, emboss, cover, and make it perfect for their needs. I was rather depressed at that time. Shopping made me feel better. Unfortunately, I shopped a lot. I bought stuff new. I bought it used. eBay was my favorite place to be. I have some Maya Road chipboard that came in little metal lunchboxes. I've used so little of it though! One set is of frames. I think they're mostly square. I think it would be a great challenge to see how much of that I can use. I even have an idea of small square pictures hanging in a gallery almost. When I get home later this week, that's my challenge to myself!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Design Decisions - Prompt 1

Good evening, scrappers!

I had a lovely day planned out.  I was home to rest after I had spinal injections yesterday.  Resting in the chair in my scrapbook room was my plan.  However, that didn't happen until about 5 tonight.  I tried to sleep after posting this morning but that lasted for all of five minutes.  I couldn't lay still so I got the bright idea to clean up some more.  The cleaning lasted until my husband texted about addressing the Christmas cards. One thing lead to another and suddenly, my husband was calling to say he was on his way home with our daughter.  What?! Oh well...maybe Saturday morning.

Cleaning did lead to some happy discoveries.  I found my graduation cap and the plan book I used for lesson plans when I was a senior at App State.  I also found an old feather boa. I think I still have white feathers floating around my room! 

I wanted to share the first prompt for Design Decisions.  It was all about analyzing why you chose cardstock instead of patterned paper for the background or if you felt you needed more or fewer embellishments.  A lot of decisions we make without thinking about them.  Reflecting on the answers you make automatically helps to analyze pages down the road when something just doesn't feel right.  I love that Shimelle included sketches or starting points, as she calls them. 

My first try came together faster than I thought.  I've had an itch to use my Basic Grey paper and was so happy how the layout about my sweet nephew came together. Their Boxer line was a perfect match! Almost all the embellishment clusters came from either their sticker sheet with that kit or off-cuts of paper.  One thing Basic Grey really knew how to do was make subtle textured looking background sheets.  It adds enough visual movement but doesn't really draw your eye. 

The second layout is of my daughter at the Carolina Renaissance Festival.  I used a Bella Blvd fall line whose name escapes me at the moment. I think it's Finally Fall. Does anyone recognize it?  Let me know if you do! I followed the sketch much closer this time and made everything line up.  I'm awful with lining things up without going uphill or downhill so I usually make them crooked on purpose.

I included a lot of embellishments this time around.  Some are from the Bella Blvd sticker sheet.  Most are just random embellishments from my embellishment holder.  I have things separated by color.  That's a lot easier for me and lead me to use things I usually wouldn't.

Which layout is your favorite? What do you like to use as background paper?  Solid cardstock? Subtle textures? Wild prints? Let me know because I'm curious!

Have a great evening and see you soon!