Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Can I Help?

I just love looking through the stacks of photos I have of Little Miss.  I need to get better about scrapping them sooner because I'm starting to forget when they were taken.  I need to get my rear in gear about organizing all my digital photos.  I bought a class at Jessica Sprague but I haven't gotten around to actually watching it yet.  I need to do that asap!  This layout today is a perfect example of why I need to organize.  I know my daughter is a year old in the photo judging by her hair but beyond that, I couldn't tell you what month.  And when they're that young, those months count!  I like to add her age in the corner of my layouts.  I think when her children are looking at pictures, that's something they'll like to know.

I used October Afternoon's Cakewalk collection to scrap this.  It's supposed to be a birthday themed collection but I stuck with rather generic papers.  It's also the first time I used my new star punches.  I love them!  I just picked up another that's a little larger so I can do some more layering.  I giggled all through scrapping these pictures because I just love how excited she looks to vacuum!  I can hope that continues into the future.


Christina said...

Very cute-I love your button clusters!!

Laura said...

Cute dbl layout. Reminds me of shimelle style. That's a compliment lol

IrisGoddess said...

Thanks, Laura! That's the style I was going for.

I <3 Shimelle.