Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Log Roll

Elizabeth started rolling over from back to tummy a couple weeks ago. She had not figured out tummy to back though. This is one baby who HATES to be on her tummy. So, she'd roll over, look around, realized she was on her tummy, and scream to high heaven! You'd roll her back to her back and she'd start the process over again. About a week ago, she started going tummy to back but only rarely. The only reason we know is because we would see her roll onto her tummy and then we'd let her cry a little bit. She's got to have tummy time. Well, she would stop crying and we'd look up and she was back on her back so she must have been rolling the other way...either that or the little mouse who lives with us in the apartment is flipping her over.

Thursday, things changed. She started to figure out that she could roll over and over again. Matt spread a sheet out on the floor and she rolled across the sheet!! Too cute! It took her a while but she did it. Soon, she'll roll all over with a purpose. Pookie is getting mobile!!!!!

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