Monday, February 2, 2009

Six months

Today, my daughter is six months old. I can't believe it's been half a year. She's amazing. If I was good at blogging, I would be updating with all the amazing things she's been doing. Since I last posted waaaaay back in November, we have moved into a new house. Elizabeth finally has a room that she can keep! We bought paint this weekend. The bottom will be purple and the top white with a border between.

We've celebrated Christmas too. Like most babies, she was more interested in the paper and boxes than the actual presents. She started sweet potatoes, peas, and now squash and loves them all. She doesn't like apple juice though! That surprised me husband and I a lot!!! She's got her two bottom teeth and started creeping last weekend. She's amazing.

She's changed so much. She's not as cuddly anymore. She's really interested in what's going on around her so she's too busy looking around to cuddle. I miss my itty-bitty baby that snuggled in my arms. Sometimes though, she'll still fall asleep in my arms. I think those are the moments I treasure the most. Last night, we got home later than expected from shopping and she was not going to eat anything but her bottle. When she finished I tried the squash again and she took it from my lap. I kept thinking that soon she'll be sitting in a regular chair...not a high chair or booster seat. I almost cried.

I love seeing her grow and learn though. After working all day, walking through the door and seeing her grin at me still melts my heart. I can't imagine life six months ago without her. Life seems so empty then.

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