Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Coupon Clipper

After a thread on the Lake Norman Mommies* forum about newspaper subscriptions, I finally got one to the Charlotte Observer.  I've wanted one for a while and finally did a weekend subscription.  So now, I'm getting coupons.  I sat down and clipped them out and realized I 'm full of questions.  I've never actually used coupons.  How hard could it be though right?

1 - Does any store take coupons?  I know the regular grocery stores to but what about Target and WalMart?

2 - What's the best way to store them?  Expiration date?  The product type?  By Aisle?

3 - How in the world do you know what you have?  Do you make your grocery list and then see what coupons you have?  Or the opposite - check your coupons and make your list based on that.

I am so not a coupon queen.  My goal though is to make of the subscription price of the newspaper x2.  Then, I'll have it paid for the next 26 weeks.  If I'm good, I'll keep track of my savings here.  By the end of 26 weeks, I hope to have saved at least $92.  That should be so do-able, right?

*Lake Norman Mommies is my local Mommies Network.  If you're a mom, it's a great place to connect with other moms in your area.  Dads, sorry but it's for moms only.  There are some Daddy Networks too though!  check out

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