Friday, November 27, 2009

Poor Thing

Elizabeth is not having a good day. 

When she woke up, I thought she felt warm so I stuck a thermometer up her bottom.  She had a fever of 100.7.  I know...not high.  But Elizabeth is like me...she runs a little cool so that's higher for her.  We think she's got a sinus infection.  She gets a runny nose when she's teething and boy is she teething with these canines.  She's just miserable. 

Being that yesterday was Thanksgiving, our downstairs plumbing naturally broke.  (and with a houseful of guests)  The plumber made it here today and neglected to close the basement door.  Elizabeth decided to go downstairs with Daddy.  She made it...almost.  She fell down the last two stairs and has a rug burn on her nose. 

I know she's feeling bad because she's extra snuggly today.  She climbed on my lap after lunch and just layed there.  I feel so bad!  We're giving her tylenol and motrin (alternating of course) to help her feel better. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be her last lvl 3 class at Gymboree.  I don't think we're going to make it.  :(

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