Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Project Life - Week 14

A summer promise I made to myself is to blog more. I feel like most of my posts are about me not blogging. Here's to a summer full of blog posts and what better day to start than my birthday!  I got two layouts done this morning because my wonderful husband told me I could spend the day alone in my scrapbook room. It turned into only the morning because I didn't feel like editing last week's pictures. I ended up being able to photograph some prior weeks so I'm starting with week 14 for you guys. I may go back and add in the earlier weeks or I may not. It just depends on what happens. I do know that I won't be doing week 15. It was the week of our school musical and is mostly dedicated to that. Since I'm not comfortable showing student pics unless it's my daughter (in my role as mom), I won't have that layout. On to the pictures!

Left Side of Week 14 - I have a picture of my Wizard of Oz mani (close up below) and a 3x4 of one of our last rehearsals.  Elizabeth will draw on my board in the morning.  I had to snap a pic of this picture.  She did a pretty good job of sounding out the words!  In case you can't read kindergartener - "I like marshmallows in my hot chocolate." I have a close up of the receipt below with the story. Since the month of April started, I also have the pic of our house.  It was such a cold and long winter!  Usually by now our grass is green and we have leaves on our tree.

I had to include an insert for some stuff this week.  Elizabeth got her report card, drew me a card, and did a bug book at school.  I just slipped them all into an 8.5x11" page protector.

Right Side of Week 14 - This is actually just Friday and Saturday.  My husband and I both went to Appalachian State University (go Mountaineers!).  I had a music minor and had to attend concerts as class assignments.  My favorites to attend were the Steely Pan band!  The director is retiring and this was one of his last concerts.  I'm so glad we got to bring Elizabeth.  They let her hit the gong a couple of times during one of the audience participation songs!  She was grinning so much!

Saturday was soccer of course.  It was a chilly morning but that child had a blast!  She's already talking about doing it again in the fall.  

I adore the 3x4 of her with the slinky.  She loves that thing.  She got it as a reward from her speech teacher and will play with it all sorts of ways.  The favorite sticker is from a Bella Blvd sheet.

I love to do my nails!!  I saw something similar that inspired on another blog last October.  I knew I had to do it when showtime came around.  I love the marker I wrote on the photo with.  It's a silver one from AC.  I got it from the dollar spot at Target!!  I sent my husband back to get more so I have three silver and three gold ones now.

I'm so glad I saved this receipt.  We had run out to pick up food at a local Mexican place to take back to school for rehearsal.  Elizabeth wanted to know why I put an E in my name when I signed it.  I explained what it was.  She picked up the spare receipt and had to sign it with her name.  When she ran out of room for her last name, she even drew a line so she could sign it.  So cute!

Well, this is it for Week 14.  As you can see, I'm still big on using the Honey kit from Becky Higgins.  I just love the bright colors and patterns of this core kit.  I actually got it about a year ago on my birthday (in June) and saved it for six months for 2014.  It's just gorgeous!!

See you next time!

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