Sunday, February 19, 2017

Visions of Grandeur

We've all had that idea in our head that seemed amazing. It had to be done. You pull the supplies and get started, so excited about how it is going to turn out. Then...reality smacks you upside the head and leaves you wondering if you've lost your mind. 

Yeah, that was this layout. 

My daughter decided she wanted to dress up as Captain America for Halloween this past year. Husband bought her costume and she was beyond excited about it. As soon as it arrived, she tried it on and started posing. Hello! Dream moment for scrappy mom!

I was looking through my stacks of pictures to scrap and came across her poses. I knew Halloween paper wouldn't quite work. Technically, it wasn't Halloween anyway when I took the pictures. Just a day in early October. I thought I had some Fourth of July papers that would work. Sure enough, Bo Bunny provided. I haven't really purchased much from them in recent years but I had some of their Block Party collection from 2010. Using up my stash is my mantra for this 2017 so I found some sheets that would work. 

Then, it hit me. The Vision. The Big Idea. The thought that Must Be Done. Use my stash! Pull tools that are under a layer of dust! You can do it!  Yeah...I had the idea to outline the "rays" from the bottom right corner using my Sew Easy. Remember that tool? I think I've used it once or twice. This layout reminds me. I don't like sewing! Sewing the rays took three days. Mostly because sitting at my desk for long periods sewing drove me crazy. Then, as I'm sewing, I start comparing the stars to the one on the Captain America shield. Do you see where this is going? Sigh... I almost drove myself crazy. However, the layout turned out beautifully! So beautiful that I am already thinking about doing it again. Because, I must be nuts. Right?

Done with the rays! This is when I deciced stars would really be good too. 

I had to show the back. Oy!

The finished layout. So beautiful!

Lots of close up detail shots. I'm proud of this page, dang it!

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Michelle said...

I think this came out wonderful. It was a great idea for you to do the stitching on those lines and then do the stars as well, great LO.