Monday, October 20, 2008

My Little Pumpkin

So, like most new moms, I wanted to take Elizabeth to the pumpkin patch. In my mind, I thought about the cute pictures I could get and scrapbooking the memories so we can look back at them years from now and smile.

In the car, driving to the pumpkin patch, I thought, "What do you do with a 2 month old?" It's not like she actually cares about where she is. She's still in the "eat, poop, and cry" stage. She's got no clue why Mommy and Daddy dressed her up and took her out on a chilly morning and stuck her amongst this cold, hard, orange things and kept flashing the camera at her. She just wanted something to did Mommy but I wanted something stronger than what was in her bottle.

Still, we did the cute pictures and she got her first pumpkin. Photos are on her website. Too darn cute in my opinion but, well, I'm Mommy and I think she's too darn cute most of the time anyway.

I think next year, she'll have a little more fun. Maybe, we'll even do the hayride.

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