Sunday, November 21, 2010

Star, really far away.

Elizabeth has recently become excited about finding the moon at night.  Tonight, she took my hand to go look for the moon.  I took her on the deck and we sat down and looked at the moon. 

I remembered going outside and looking at the stars on chilly night with my Dad.  He taught me to find my first constellations.  Orion is still my favorite because I could always identify it. 

It was a cloudy tonight but, through the breaks in the clouds, we could see one star peeking through.  I pointed it out to Elizabeth and told her what it was and that it was really far away.  I gave her a big hug and told her too that one day I'd tell her all about the pictures in the sky just like Grandad taught Mommy.  When we got too chilly we came in.  As I locked the door to the deck, she ran over to Daddy to tell him about the moon and star and how the star was really far away. 

My heart smiled tonight.  :)

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