Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's Been a While

Wow!  I hadn't realized it's been so long since I blogged.  The month of May is never an easy month for a teacher.  Luckily, DIBELS is over, grades have been recorded, report cards sent home, and my room cleaned for the end of another school year.  I'm now officially on summer vacation! 

I've been pondering a lot over what kind of summer I want this to be.  I always start off the summer with great ambitions of what I'll get done.  I'm trying to be a bit more realistic.  I want to make some great memories, but I also want to relax!!  Right now, I'm at Sunset Beach with just my husband.  Elizabeth is off with her grandparents for a week and can barely stand to be still long enough to talk to us on the phone.  I miss her tons but know she's having a great time so it makes it easier to be away from her.  Fabulous husband and I are having a wonderful time.  It's so funny how your view changes on a place when you're by yourself.  We've been coming here since way before Elizabeth was born.  But, only once, have we ever been here by ourselves.  We're always meeting family or friends.  It's nice just to be the two of us on our own.  Sunday we spent the entire day in the condo doing nothing.  Many would look at that and frown and wonder why we wasted a day like that.  Because, we could!!  It's not something we could ever do at home.  We did end up leaving the condo in the evening to go get ice cream.  It was a great treat.  Plus, once we decided to do it, we left after only a few minutes.  Toss on shoes and go!  Any parent can tell you that never happens with a child around!!

I decided to document this trip with Instagram.  I am having a blast doing it too!!  I can't wait to print out and have fun with these photos.  Check out my drink from yesterday!  It's a delicious mango margarita from Margaritaville!  I love that place!!

I just put the Blogger app on my iPhone.  I hope to blog now while we're in the car between places.  We're off to do some shopping at Barefoot Landing now.  These are going to be fun photos to add to Project Life when we get home!!

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