Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I took my daughter to the bookstore last week. I wanted to get out of the house and I figured I could look for a copy of Pat the Bunny for her. I'm wandering around Barnes and Noble in the children's section enjoying myself. Elizabeth is asleep in her stroller. As I've come to expect, people peer in at her and comment on her.

One woman looks at her and tells me how cute my little boy is. This has happened before and it doesn't bug me. Babies are hard to tell which gender they are. She asked her name and when I told her she looked shocked. Her response to me was, "I didn't know she was a girl. She's wearing green and I couldn't tell." She was actually huffy with me!

Umm...Huh? I wasn't rude or anything to her. I don't mind she mistaked my darling daughter for a boy. It happens. No biggy. However, her response with the color was what confused me and, frankly, pissed me off a bit. Elizabeth was in a pale mint. Ok...boys can wear that color. But, for the life of me, I've never seen a boy with bows and lace on their pale mint onesies. I also have never seen them with a pink blanket tucking them into their stroller. It could happen. I'm not denying that. But, if color is your reason for telling a boy and girl apart, look at the pink!

I looked at the woman and told her there were pink flowers on her pants (that the pink blanket was covering) and she seemed to feel a little better that my daughter was wearing something that showed her gender more clearly. As she walked away, I could only roll my eyes.

I guess I'll go out and exchange my grey and green stroller for a pink and purple one and make sure that my daughter is always in pink and purple dresses with bows in her hair. I sure wouldn't want to confuse anyone. I guess this lady thought that my daughter might grow up confused about her gender or something. It's a good think I didn't put her dark blue robot onesie on her that my sister bought. That woman would have probably had a stroke.


~EsCoTiA~ said...

She looks so cute in her robot onesie....and she does not look like a boy in that outfit I gave her, that old lady must have been near blind.

Anonymous said...

They make wigs and fake eye lashes for babies. I don't understand why you haven't invested in any faux hair for your daughter. Don't you love her?