Friday, January 6, 2012

Project Life - My Cover

Wow. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to update my blog more often. I'd been doing pretty well, but then this week kinda fell apart. Going back to school on Tuesday has been harder than I thought on crutches. I'm exhausted by the end of the day! And if having my left leg in an immobilizer brace wasn't enough for our family to deal with, my husband now has pneumonia. What a crazy week! I'm quite glad I already had the picture for this post photographed and uploaded.

I wanted to show off the cover of my Project Life album. Due to what I mentioned above, I'm officially behind in both pictures and journaling. However, I've got my plans written down for both so I'm actually not too worried. Thirty minutes and I should be able to catch up on the the few days I've missed.

I'm not being super creative with Project Life right now. This is the first year I'm doing it and I don't want it to take huge amounts of time. Becky Higgins has posted that it's not supposed to be a big fancy thing but it's about documenting your life in a simple way. (I paraphrased that wonderful woman.) If I have little bits from my stash I can add, great. If not, I'm just going with the basic core kit.

I saw the cover pages that her design team members had made. They inspired me to add just a little bit more to my cover. As you can see below, I added our last name and their year in white Thickers by American Crafts. It's nothing big and fancy, but I'm happy that I did a little something extra. I'm sorry for the blurry picture. It's harder to stand and take photos right now being wobbly like I am.

I was also happy to see this post from Becky about what Project Life is at its most basic. I want to copy the quote at the bottom down and put it up in my scrap room:

Project Life is about your life. Keep it simple, add a little flair, or get fully creative with it. The beautiful thing is – it’s your choice.

It's not about competing with the other Project Lifers about who has the "best" or "fanciest" or "most embellished" pages (and you know we do that with our other scrapbook pages!), but it's about getting our life down in something that we can look back in. That's my goal. I would love to see what my parents' lives were like when I was kid. I hope Elizabeth will enjoy looking back on this when she's and adult.

Happy Scrapping!

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