Friday, January 3, 2014

I Actually Scrapbooked!!

Yes, you read that right. I actually scrapbooked today. Husband and daughter had a movie afternoon (The Croods, Monster U, and Toy Story) so I got to relax upstairs and scrapbook!  

Did you see on that she is having a new class starting January 20? I am so excited. I took her Perfect Collection class from True Scrap 3 and adored it. I remember cutting up two different collection packs and actually using them! Well...most of them. I never used all the starting point pages! Ack! I made these back in July 2012. Well, today, I used up six of them and got some pictures scrapped. They're not the most decorative pages but I don't care. I love that I actually sat down and got stuff done. 

Here are the pages... (Well, five of them. No idea why the sixth isn't showing up in my photo stream.)

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