Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sister Date

Today I decided to try my hand at making a page from scratch. The pages from a couple days ago, if you remember, had the paper already picked out and laid down as starting points. I've always loved to follow sketches and the one Shimelle posted recently on her blog spoke to me. I ended up printing a photo of my sisters and I on a "sister date" over Christmas this past year.

I found it so hard to choose paper for this! I don't know if I did any traditional pages at all in 2013. I really do love Project Life. However, only scrapping that way has made me forget about pulling out paper and supplies to create a page from scratch. I almost gave up! Yes, there was that much anxiety. Crazy, I know. But, I'm glad I kept going. I pulled out some Amy Tan stuff from her Sketchbook line (paper, stickers, and stamps) and got to work!

One thing I loved about Shimelle's sketch was that there was only one photo. One thing I didn't like was that everything was so centered! I've noticed those centered layouts are harder for me. Again, I just told myself to breathe and I watched her video. The video made it so much easier! I'm quite glad she does them. 

Enough chatter...on to the page!

I added some turquoise washi tape to kind of match the blue paint stripe at the top right. I also added the date and location at the bottom right which was not in the sketch. I like putting dates there, or if my daughter is in the picture, how old she is. I love how the page turned out. The colors are fun and reflect the fun we had that night just chatting and eating and making memories which is what Christmas is all about. 


Anonymous said...

Love the colors you incorporated. Great job working with the sketch.

Jen said...

This really caught my eye over at Shimelle's blog. Great job.

Scrapfaire said...

Love what you did with the sketch! I also normally have trouble with those down the center type layouts. GREAT JOB!