Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! Planning and Scrapping to Start off 2017

Happy New Year, Scrapping Mommies!

Best laid plans and all that...The day after I returned home, I ended up with the flu. much for my scrapping challenge.  Needless to say, my plans have been pushed back.  I did finally get my planner done for this week.  My printer has been giving me fits.  We switched to a new internet plan and had to change routers.  Ever since, my printer doesn't always communicate well with my laptop, phone, or iPad.  It's gotten to wear I will have to turn my phone off just to get it to see my printer!

Even with the flu though, I managed to get my planner stickers printed (finally) and cut.  They're even in my planner now!  I used these stickers from Ashley Lynn Impression on Etsy. I love her store and her new ECLP layout is amazing!

I joined Cathy Zielske's Fit class for 2017.  I'll be taking some pictures of that album soon.  Well, maybe just the pages.  I don't exactly have an album for it yet.  One of my 2017 goals is to walk an intentional mile each day.  I did that after the rain stopped yesterday.  Not my best idea with the flu, but I'm blaming the steroids. It's still damp and rainy today.  I may do my one mile walk at Target instead.

Other scrappy plans include finishing up JYC 2016 and PL 2016.  I need to print the remaining JYC pictures.  I think I've decided to forgo the remaining prompts for the most part and just get the last bits that I loved about this Christmas in my book.  I have printed all my PL 2016 pictures and even have them in their pockets.  I just need to add cards and journal.

I did get one layout done yesterday.  I had a photo that I printed for PL that I forgot was the wrong orientation.  The story behind it though was something I wanted to record so I used it for a traditional layout.  My daughter (as well as her parents) love the British sci-fi show Doctor Who.  They do a Christmas special. A few years ago, Santa himself was on the Christmas special.  My daughter started setting out a Jammy Dodger for the Doctor with Santa's cookie since they were such good friends.  She's been doing this each year now.  The first year she did it, Santa left behind a special gift from the Doctor - a fez, bow tie, and sonic screwdriver. I wanted to document her putting out the special treat this year.

Supplies used include Bo Bunny paper from their 2009 line Tis the Season, Stickles, and some random wood veneers, washi, 6x6 pads I had laying around.  I need to remember to use more Stickles.  They add a bit of sparkle and I have a huge color variety - more so than my rhinestones!


Erin said...

CUTE layout!!

Amy Myers said...

Thank you!

Margie Higuchi said...

Great rich colors in your page - love Bo Bunny <3 Hope you feel better soon!

Amy Myers said...

Thanks, Margie!