Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Beauty Shop Shark

Hello! Here's prompt 14 from Design Decisions. Three questions were posed about placement of pictures, words, and other stuff. My choices changed during the process because I ended up writing a whole bunch more than I originally expected. 

The pictures - put the photos on the left side towards the bottom. I matted them together to kinda join them. I don't know how to say what I'm trying to say there. I think y'all know what I mean though. 

The words - I wanted the title and journaling to be close to the pictures. I added a wide solid matte to give me space to write. I wrote a lot more than I expected which changed up decision 3. 

The other stuff - I ended up using less of "the other stuff" than I had originally planned. The embellishment cluster by the title is there because I had some trapped white space due to the need to move the word shark lower and under the P so the pink letters wouldn't run onto the pink background paper. I tried to include a punched label or stamp sticker with each group. Also a card stock heart sticker, puffy sticker, washi, and enamel dots. I think included more of the same stuff in each cluster (more than I used to do) is a big take away from this class. 

About the paper - this is an old Echo Park line called Little Girl from 2010. Because she's playing with her shark, I was looking for some blues. When I studied the pics, I decided to go with hot pink to match her jammies. I kept trying different papers but the stripes seemed to work so I could easily pull together other colors. I added the yellow because I wanted somewhere to journal. I was going to use a light pink heart print but you could only tell they were hearts along two of the sides. The green plaid turned out to be an even better choice though.

Thanks for looking!

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