Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Project Life Week 37

Lately, I've been working on classes by Shimelle - Design Decisions and Journal Your Christmas.  One project that I've neglected has been my Project Life album.  Once summer vacation ended, life became super busy again!

I've been doing Project Life since 2012. I adore these albums. It lets me feel caught up with everything so I can devote time to 12x12 scrapping without "feeling behind". I'm not a fan of that mindset, but that's a totally different blog post!

Even though week 37 is way back at the beginning of September, it so easy to quickly add pictures, some journaling, and call it finished.  Sometimes, I embellish a lot.  Other weeks, I keep it minimal.  It depends on how much time I have and how my creativity is flowing.  I had some steroid shots in my spine yesterday and got only about thirty minutes of sleep last night! I decided to come in my scrap room and work on this week at about midnight.  I'm going to blame any misspellings on lack of sleep. LOL

This was a stumbling block week for me.  I have those occasionally.  Some weeks are lots of fun, others are hard and bring up difficult memories.  Labor Day weekend was one of those difficult memories weekends.  While joyous, it brought up a very frightening time in my family's life.  My dad had a bicycle accident and broke his neck a year ago that weekend. He should have died from his injuries or been, at best, paralyzed.  It is truly a miracle that he survived and has made pretty much a complete recovery. Still, I kept thinking back to the phone call from my stepmom.  Initially, she thought it was a broken arm; that's why he couldn't move it. The phone calls that day just kept getting worse.  Happily though, I have wonderful pictures of my dad and stepmom this year on that same weekend.  While it was a stumbling block week, I made it through.  I'm going to work on printing pictures today to keep moving though that album. 

I used the Honey PL kit.  I've had this one for a while. I got it the year I discovered and started using monthly pocket scrapbooking kits.  Needless to say, there's a lot left over from that year! It's odd because Honey is one of my favorite kits.  I used the Amber kit first and then Cherry.  Both of those are very floral and organic to me.  The bright, geometric colors and patterns were a refreshing change in 2014. I want to use it more often!

I did minimal embellishments on the right side of the page.  I chose three washi tapes on both pages to try to keep things a little consistent.  I was a little annoyed with myself over the last 4x6 card on this page.  I flipped the card so when I started journaling, I ended up with a gap under the lower right corner of the picture.  I decided to use a Maggie Holmes roller stamp to try to fill it in a bit.  It's not great, but it is an improvement.  I considered redoing the entire card but didn't. This stuff happens occasionally. I just sucked it up and moved on!

The right side has a bit more embellishment because I had two filler cards.  I kept rearranging the top two slots.  The photo of my students should technically be on the left.  The arrows make it look like they are pointing to them and saying "Remember".  I decided to flip, since what I really want to remember is how lucky I am to have my dad still with us.  The "Remember" is in gold glitter and comes from one of the older value kits.  It was on a plain, large vertical card.  I rarely use that layout so I punched the words with my 2 1/4" square punch.  It took off the edges of some letters but enough remained you can still tell what it said. 

The little boy on the bottom right is my youngest nephew.  I love that little guy!  I get to go see them in Virginia in just two weeks.  I can't wait.  His older brother (you can see him with my dad and stepmom on the left side layout) just taught him how to say "Mimi".  Older brother named me that when he started talking because he had trouble saying "Amy". I love my name from my nephew! 

I'm going to try to get some JYC and maybe even Design Decisions layouts uploaded today.  Which layouts would you like to see first?

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