Saturday, December 10, 2016

Journal Your Christmas - Days 6 & 7

I think the day 7 prompt of Christmas cozy is one of my favorite. Last year, I wrote about the Joy tea. That tea shows up on the day 8 prompt this year. One sign of Christmas cozy for me is new jammies - especially flannel ones. While out shopping with husband and Elizabeth, we saw some beautiful navy blue pjs with owls and moons. They spoke to me, so into the cart they went. (Along with another knit pair with nail polish bottles on them! I own way too many pajamas but I don't care in the least.) I've worn them a couple times already and each time I feel so calm and cozy. 

Day 8 is sensory overload - all about the different things your fives senses experience during this festive season. There's my tea! I bought a new insulated tea "cup" too. I could probably do a page for each of the senses. Hmmm...that's a thought for next year for sure!

I included a pic of my husband's Christmas display. He loves Rudolph. Years ago, a store put out pieces from the movie. He likes to create a Christmas scene on the piano each now. Buddy, Elizabeth's elf, likes to climb on top of the Bumble during the school day. I'm going to need to get a picture of that silly elf!

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