Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Design Decisions - Prompt 1

Good evening, scrappers!

I had a lovely day planned out.  I was home to rest after I had spinal injections yesterday.  Resting in the chair in my scrapbook room was my plan.  However, that didn't happen until about 5 tonight.  I tried to sleep after posting this morning but that lasted for all of five minutes.  I couldn't lay still so I got the bright idea to clean up some more.  The cleaning lasted until my husband texted about addressing the Christmas cards. One thing lead to another and suddenly, my husband was calling to say he was on his way home with our daughter.  What?! Oh well...maybe Saturday morning.

Cleaning did lead to some happy discoveries.  I found my graduation cap and the plan book I used for lesson plans when I was a senior at App State.  I also found an old feather boa. I think I still have white feathers floating around my room! 

I wanted to share the first prompt for Design Decisions.  It was all about analyzing why you chose cardstock instead of patterned paper for the background or if you felt you needed more or fewer embellishments.  A lot of decisions we make without thinking about them.  Reflecting on the answers you make automatically helps to analyze pages down the road when something just doesn't feel right.  I love that Shimelle included sketches or starting points, as she calls them. 

My first try came together faster than I thought.  I've had an itch to use my Basic Grey paper and was so happy how the layout about my sweet nephew came together. Their Boxer line was a perfect match! Almost all the embellishment clusters came from either their sticker sheet with that kit or off-cuts of paper.  One thing Basic Grey really knew how to do was make subtle textured looking background sheets.  It adds enough visual movement but doesn't really draw your eye. 

The second layout is of my daughter at the Carolina Renaissance Festival.  I used a Bella Blvd fall line whose name escapes me at the moment. I think it's Finally Fall. Does anyone recognize it?  Let me know if you do! I followed the sketch much closer this time and made everything line up.  I'm awful with lining things up without going uphill or downhill so I usually make them crooked on purpose.

I included a lot of embellishments this time around.  Some are from the Bella Blvd sticker sheet.  Most are just random embellishments from my embellishment holder.  I have things separated by color.  That's a lot easier for me and lead me to use things I usually wouldn't.

Which layout is your favorite? What do you like to use as background paper?  Solid cardstock? Subtle textures? Wild prints? Let me know because I'm curious!

Have a great evening and see you soon!

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